Legal Assistance

Presentation and processing of applications, actions, resources and procedures before the health authority, especially with regard to the exercise of the rights of persons in relation to the actions of the public authority contained in the new law of administrative procedures Sponsorship, representation and defense in sanitary summaries, until its total processing, exercising all the resources that correspond.
Public Tenders, Resolutions issued by the authority:
Sponsorship and representation in the exercise of actions in administrative and judicial headquarters, against  actions likely to be challenged as considered arbitrary, contrary to law or discriminatory Constant monitoring of the processing status of the initiatives, requests, requests and actions that are formulated.
Exercise of the right of petition in relation to the principle of administrative publicity and transparency, that is to say access to the information and knowledge of the state of processing of the procedures in which the status of interested parties is held.
Exercise of the right to make claims at any stage of the administrative procedure.
Resolutions and administrative audits. Legal value and appeals against it
in order to invalidate its effects.
All regulatory and legal reform projects that relate to the sector

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