Since 2014 we have successfully presented more than 300 Bioequivalence studies. This has allowed us great experience and the development of computer tools to achieve a rapid and accurate evaluation by the health authority.

If you want to know INSTANTLY if your study is feasible in Chile, contact us now. Once you accept the confidentiality agreement, the mechanics and service costs will be explained.
Studies: Under a strategic alliance between Inversiones Austral (Tecnilex) and CITCO Chile, the latter a company with a large presence and experience in the Indian and Chilean market, the exclusive representation of the AZIDUS bioequivalence center, recognized by Ordinary letter No. 1058 of May 24, 2011, issued by the Public Health Institute in favor of CITCO Chile. Azidus already has the realization and presentation of a large number of studies for the most important national laboratories.
AZIDUS has developed great experience which has allowed it to standardize most of its processes, translating it into the accurate projection of deadlines and costs, without unforeseen or uncertainty.

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