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Tecnilex has successfully registered almost 600 products in these almost 20 years of experience. We process your need for Registration for a New, Similar, Phyto-Pharmaceutical or Cosmetic Pharmaceutical product in well-defined and agreed times, WE GUARANTEE THE FULFILLMENT OF DEADLINES in our management and in the public instance.
Minimum cost
Do not waste time or money while getting your representative or settling in Chile, Tecnilex Generates the legal tools necessary for you. YOU CAN HAVE YOUR RECORDS STILL WITHOUT BEING IN CHILE, and then transfer it to whoever you want.
Experts in intelligence and regulatory management

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TECNILEX’s mission is to be the benchmark company in terms of pharmaceutical, commercial pharmaceutical and legal pharmaceutical technical advice. All this thanks to the fact that we concentrate the largest number of professionals with the best experience achieved in the public and private sector. More than 12 years advising the main international and national laboratories in the country behind us.

Our challenge is always to exceed your expectations and give each client a complete, informed and real vision, both qualitatively and quantitatively of the Chilean pharmaceutical market and its sanitary technical barriers, as well as to develop corporate strategies for your company to exist in Chile. With minimal cost to you.

We are experts in intelligence and regulatory managment, making available, in addition to the standard pharmaceutical technical advice, products and modules unique in Chile that allow to commercially enhance their management and products from technical and legal elements. We know how to make the exact adjustment between your commercial and technical interests.

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Our clients are and have been the most important national and international laboratories. You can request references to

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