Bioequivalence Confidentiality

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Terms of Service

“This contract is established between the supplier (Tecnilex) and the client that subscribes.


Manifestation of Intentions

The client, on the one hand, expresses his interest in obtaining transcendental regulatory information and strategic to develop / import / store / distribute or manufacture in Chile food supplement, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or medical devices. The client declares NOT TO BELONG TO OR DEVELOP tasks of own or subcontracted regulatory advisory services that in some way are benefited by the information provided here.

On the other hand, TECNILEX expresses its willingness and interest in developing by means of a payment regulatory reports that allow the best tool of primary orientation to the client for the commercialization of the mentioned goods and will not use or disclose under any term any information directly or indirectly related to the information provided.


Definition of the service or product.

Tecnilex commits to the evacuation of a “regulatory intelligence report” against payment

made by the client.

A “regulatory intelligence” report is a document that allows you to project the scenarios

regulations for the commercialization of a nutritional, cosmetic, pharmaceutical or medical device supplement under – on the one hand – of the documents and information provided by the client, and – on the other – the current regulatory framework that regulates the importation, storage, distribution and sale of these items.

The meaning of the «report» is that the client has absolute certainty of the course to follow in order to market his product or initiate the actions in Chile.



The regulatory intelligence report in a PRELIMINARY document that only aims to determine the nature of the product to be consulted and / or define its marketing strategies.


Term of obligations.

The obligations of the parties are extinguished with the obligations established above, this is by Tecnilex the «regulatory document» and by the customer the payment to be defined. The storage, distribution by any means or handling of the information will be treated according to the following section.


Confidentiality Clauses

FIRST The parties are obliged not to disclose to third parties or use the “Confidential Information” that they receive from the other for their own benefit, and to give said information the same treatment that they would give to the confidential information of their property.

For the purposes of this agreement, “Confidential Information” includes all the information disclosed by any of the parties, either orally, visually, in writing, recorded on magnetic media or in any other tangible form and that is clearly marked as such when delivered. to the receiving party

SECOND. The receiving parties are obliged to keep confidential the “Confidential Information” that they receive from the divulging party and not to give it to a third party different from their lawyers and advisors who have the need to know such information for the purposes authorized in Clause Six of this agreement, and who should be

I agree to keep such information confidential.

THIRD. The parties are obliged not to disclose the “Confidential Information” to third parties, without the prior written consent of any of them.

QUARTER. The parties are obliged to take the necessary and appropriate precautions to keep the “Confidential Information” owned by the other party confidential, including, but not limited to, informing their employees that they handle it, that such information is confidential and that they should not be disclosed to third parties.

FIFTH The parties agree that the “Confidential Information” that they receive from the other party is and will remain the property of the latter, to use said information only in the manner and for the purposes authorized in Clause Six of this contract and that this The instrument does not grant, expressly or implicitly, intellectual or property rights, including, but not limited to, Licenses for use with respect to “Confidential Information”

SIXTH. The parties are obliged to use the “Confidential Information” of any of the other parties, only for the purchase of one of them from the company and / or brands related to services and products object of the contract.

SEVENTH. The parties agree that in the event that the receiving party partially or totally fails to comply with its obligations under this contract, the receiving party will be liable for the damages and losses that such breach may cause to the reporting party.

EIGHTH. However, as otherwise provided in this agreement, no party shall have the obligation to keep any information confidential:


  1. That prior to its disclosure it was known by the receiving party, free of any obligation to keep it confidential, as evidenced by documentation in its possession;
  1. That it be developed or elaborated independently by or from the recipient or legally received, free of restrictions, from another source with the right to disclose it;
  1. That it is or becomes in the public domain, without any breach of this agreement by the receiving party.
  1. That it be received from a third party without such disclosure breaking or violating an obligation of confidentiality.

NINTH. Within 7 business days following the date of termination of this agreement or, where appropriate, of its extension, all “Confidential Information” transmitted in a written manner, recorded on a magnetic medium or otherwise tangible, to the party Receiver for the dissemination, must be returned to the disseminating party or, where appropriate, destroyed in the presence of an authorized representative of the reporting party, at the election of the reporting party.

TENTH FIRST. The obligations established in this agreement for the receiving party, regarding the confidentiality, of the “Confidential Information” and its use, shall prevail upon the termination of this instrument, for a period of at least 3 (three) years to from said termination.

TENTH SECOND. This agreement constitutes the total agreement between the parties regarding said confidential information and replaces any other prior oral or written understanding that has existed between the parties.

THIRTEENTH. Neither party may assign its rights and obligations under this Agreement.

FOURTEENTH. This agreement may only be modified by consent of the parties, granted in writing.

TENTH FIFTH. For the interpretation and fulfillment of this contract, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the laws and courts of, renouncing from now on any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them by reason of their present or future domiciles or for any other cause, indicating from this moment as your legal addresses the following:


Establishment of the rate and the terms and forms of payments.

A value in pesos or dollars will be charged in the prepaid mode, equivalent to the estimated projection of hours consumed according to the needs detected and the depth of the necessary report. This amount is computed according to the information and needs informed by the client.

It also includes necessary clarifications via remote (email) or phone call.

Establishment of sanctions for breach of agreements.

Violation of any of the parties to this contract will entitle the other party to take the relevant legal actions at headquarters in Chilean territory

Alcantara 200, Piso 6, Las Condes Santiago.