Legal Assistance

Submission and processing of applications, actions, resources and efforts before the health authority, especially regarding the exercise of individual rights in relation to the actions of public authorities contained in the new law on administrative procedures.

Sponsorship, representation and defense in health summaries, until completely processed, exercising all the appropriate actions.

Public Tenders, Resolutions issued by the authority:
Sponsorship and representation in legal actions at the administrative and judicial headquarters, against actions that may be challenged for being considered arbitrary, contrary to law or discriminatory.

Constant monitoring of the processing status of the initiatives, requests, petitions and actions that may be formulated.

Implementation of the right of petition in relation to the principle of public and administrative transparency, ie to have access to information and to know the status of completion of the procedures in which there is interest.

Application of the right to raise claims at any stage of the administrative procedure.
The resolutions and administrative audits: Legal value and resources that come against in order to negate their effects.

All the reform projects both regulatory and legal related to the health area.