Sanitary Registers

Sanitary registration is a commercialization authorization for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices or food, issued by the Chilean government through the Public Health Institute (Instituto de Salud Publica -

We process your need for New Pharmaceutical Product Registration, Similar, Phytodrug or Cosmetic,  in well defined and agreed times;  we can ENSURE THE COMPLIANCE OF DEADLINES in both our management and the public instance.

We are specialists in high complexity registrations and count on our staff professionals who know most of sanitary registration in Chile, all with a wide and proven experience in both the private and public areas. We have over 500 approved registrations and an extensive portfolio of important clients, both in Chile and abroad.

Don’t waste your time while getting your representative or getting installed in Chile, Tecnilex generates the appropriate legal tools so YOU MAY HAVE YOUR REGISTERS AT YOUR DISPOSAL EVEN WITHOUT BEING IN CHILE, and then transfer it to whomever you like.

  • High complexity registrations (Biological recombinant vaccines, etc.)
  • Registrations +Manufacturing validation process + Bioequivalence of origin ( from sanitary agency type IV)
  • Registrations +Manufacturing validation process + Bioequivalence of origin ( from other sanitary agency )
  • Innovative pharmaceutical registrations (or ordinary procedure)
  • Simplified procedure registrations